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I Tend to Overreact to Things

Josh Gordon might be the greatest wide receiver we've ever seen at this point of his career. Before you Jerry Rice apologists freak out and change the channel, just keep reading. Let me qualify this thought with this: I'm not saying that Josh Gordon is or will be a greater receiver than Jerry Rice, just that it's not unreasonable to consider it. Josh Gordon is only 22 after all.

So you want stats? I got stats. For the purposes of this post, I'll only be considering both players' first two seasons.

Jerry Rice:

135 receptions, 2497 receiving yards and 18 receiving TDs
(32 games)
4.22 receptions/game, 78.03 receiving yards/game and 0.56 TD/game

Josh Gordon:

121 receptions, 2205 receiving yards and 13 receiving TDs
(27 games, presumably three remaining)
4.48 receptions/game, 81.67 receiving yards/game and 0.48 TD/game

As you can see, quite similar. In my opinion, TDs are very inconsistent and hard to repeat year in and year out, so despite them being the point of football, scoring TDs, for the purposes of this argument, they really aren't that significant (see: Calvin Johnson 2012). Again, that's just my opinion, so I'll leave them in just for you, because I like you.

Okay, I can feel the unconvinced stare from here. Let's take each of their second seasons since they are obviously both objectively better than their first seasons.


86 rec, 1570 yds and 15 TDs
(16 games)
5.38 rec/game, 98.13 yds/game and 0.94 TD/game


71 rec, 1400 yds and 8 TDs
(11 games so far)
6.45 rec/game, 127.27 yds/game and 0.73 TD/game

Just echoing my sentiment that TDs aren't as important as other numbers. But it's worth noting the fairly significant increase in both receptions per game and yards per game (over a full reception and almost 30 yards more per game).

Best four game stretches:


1986, weeks 3-6: 23 rec, 512 yds and 7 TDs
5.75 rec/game, 128 yds/game and 1.75 TD/game